Coco adores Helen and nearly wags his tail off when he hears her at the door, so I know he has a good time when out with her!

Linda, Coco's mum.


How does it work?

Dog@Home Packages

What is Dog@Home?

Our 'Dog@Home' packages are an excellent alternative to boarding for owners of dogs who are happiest at home rather than at the kennels or at someone elses home including doggy day care/creche - type arrangements.

If your dog is happy being left for 3+ hours during the day at a time and is happy on his own at night, then this could be an excellent solution when you want to go on holiday, have to go into hospital or just need to be away for a few days.

This is also really useful for those day(s) when you have to be away from home longer than you normally would. For instance longer work days or visiting family and friends away or even an overnight stay in hospital.

We can feed and walk your dog for you twice or three times a day, at times to fit in with your dog's usual routine. Meanwhile, your dog is happy in their own home with their own bed and toys and not being harassed or intimidated by other dogs in a home boarding situation or in a completely alien enviroment.

There are 4 options for you to choose from:

Package 1:

2 x 30 minute walks
2 x feeds

Each extra dog - £3.00

Package 2:

2 x 1 hour walks
2 x feeds


3 x 30 minute walks
2 x feeds

Each extra dog - £6.00

Package 3:

2 x 1 hour walks,
1 x 30 minute walk
2 x feeds

Each extra dog - £7.50

Package 4:

Customised packages are available. Please contact us with your requirements for a free quote.

We can customise a package to suit your dog's and your individual needs.



The Introduction Meeting

We like to meet the pet and owners prior to caring for them for the first time so that we can discuss your needs and your pets.

We will come and meet you and your pet(s) at a pre-arranged time so that we can get to know your pet(s) and vice versa. It also gives you a chance to ask us any questions you may have and discuss your pet's requirements.

As with all our services, we also require that you complete a questionnaire which will provide details regarding your pet's health, vaccinations, feeding regime, vet details and your contact information.

You can download a copy of the questionnaire below to complete before our visit, if you prefer.

Download Pet Feeding Questionnaire (Ms Word)

Download Pet Feeding Questionnaire (Adobe PDF)

No Additional Charges

We do not charge for mileage to feed your pet.

We do not demand deposits or charge for cancellations.

We do not charge to pick up or drop off keys.

Kennel/Home Boarding vs Care at home

Many dogs do not like being boarded at a kennel and prefer to stay in their own home - this is the perfect solution for owners who do not want to put their pets through this unneccesary stress but ensure that their pet is well looked after in their own surroundings.

What happens next?

Once we have finished our introduction and the paperwork, you can go on holiday or go to work knowing that your pet will be fed and watered according to your instructions. We throw in the love for free!

Please see our Terms & Conditions.

For further information, please download the Pet Guardians Portfolio in Adobe Acrobat format.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. You can e-mail us at info@pet-guardians.co.uk or telephone 07963 023593 to discuss your requirements.

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