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Dog Walking / Cat Feeding / Other

Dog Walking
Name: Luna

Due to an unforseen accident in the family, we desperately needed help with looking after our lovely Lurcher cross, Luna.

Pet Guardians stood out for us when sourcing on websites. The amazing testimonials and the fact that they only walk one dog at a time (which reassured us that their focus would always be on our dog) sealed the deal and we have no regrets whatsover.

Helen and Paul are amazing people. As soon as they came for an initial meeting and I saw their connection to Luna (Paul was rolling around the floor playing with her!) I knew they were right for us.

Luna loves Helen to bits and waits eagerly for her walks. She stands at the window wagging her tail knowing Helen is on her way, and she's going for a lovely long walk. She leaps at Helen as soon as she sees her and showers her with slobbery kisses!

Luna is a young, headstrong girl and we were worried this would be a problem. But Helen takes no prisoners - exactly what Luna needs. They now have such a lovely relationship and I never worry as I know Luna is safe, cared for, and in good hands with Pet Guardians.

Paul and Helen are very flexible. If things change at all, they go over and above to help. We tell everyone how fantastic they are and would recommend them to anyone. Thank you Paul & Helen for everything. You are wonderful!

Breed: Lurcher/Greyhound Cross
Owner: Sally Meehan
Name: Maisie
For nearly 2 years now, Pet Guardians have assisted us with the exercising of our sprocker Maisie, and what a great team Helen and Paul are, They have assisted with feeding Maise as well as the exercising... well more like a 5 mile run..as Maisie is Helens running partner... Cant praise them enough for there 1 to 1 attention.. No pack walks with Pet Guardians... Keep up the great work.
Breed: Sprocker
Owners: Alan & Annie Tompsett

Name: Gus

Paul & Helen have been walking our dog Gus for almost a year now and we are so happy to see the care and love they show and how happy he is to see them.

Paul is always on time and Gus can tell exactly when he is about to arrive.

We were worried about how Gus would react to being walked by a stranger due to his behavioural problems, but Gus adores Paul and is so pleased to see him he jumps up for his cuddle as soon as the door opens.  I know he has a good time when out with Paul and can see it in his face upon his return.

Before we began using Pet Guardians we often had issues with Gus returning upon command, with the work that Paul has put into helping to rectify this behaviour we find he is much more comfortable coming back when called and returns to heal almost immediately when out on our walks as well.

We have no hesitation in recommending Pet Guardians to other pet owners, especially if they have a more challenging dog.

Breed: Staffy Cross
Owners: Richard & Maureen Fleming-Pugh

Name: Buddy & Roxy
Roxy & Buddy

Thank you so much for walking Buddy & Roxy. You have both done a great job and the dogs have been so happy!

We will give you a shout when we need you again.

Thanks again, you have made our life that much easier!

Breed: Bearded Collies
Owner: Avril & Graham Sharman
Name: Jenson
Pet Guardians have been walking our 18 month, energetic chocolate Lab Jenson since he was allowed to go outside. They are really flexible to our changing working hours and have stepped in when needed at the last minute.

They have been generous on his Birthday and at Christmas and you can see how much they really do love animals, and that it is a mutual affection.

Most of all Jenson loves his walk times too and is tired out enough to sleep through until we get home from work.

Reliable, local, reasonable rates and extremely flexible, what more could you want!
Breed: Chocolate Labrador
Owner: Dani Dixon
Names(s): Ollie & Margo
Margo and Ollie

Paul and Helen always treat Ollie and Margo as their own.

Neil and I have hectic ever changing work diaries and Helen and Paul are enormously accommodating in working with us around our commitments.

Giving us peace of mind that, even though we might have a long day, Ollie and Margo do not spend all day on their own but will be enjoying an exciting walk.

Breed(s): Jack Russell & JR Cross
Owner: Sally Hussey
First LEAF Client:
Name(s): Angel & CooperAngel and Cooper

We would 100% ALWAYS come to Pet Guardians when a patient needs help with their pets, we think that Paul & Helen are amazing and they really do go above and beyond what they need to do.

We would recommend Pet Guardians to anybody due to their trustworthy and reliable service.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Paul & Helen who have made a huge difference to two of our clients (patients).

Natasha Jones, Founder,
L.E.A.F (Leukaemia Education And Fundraising)


Registered Charity No: 1113696


German Shepherd (Angel) & Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Cooper)

Owner: Emma Hendry

Second LEAF Client:
Name: Coco

Helen & Paul have been walking my Labrador Coco, for almost a year now and I am so impressed by the care and devotion they show. Helen is always on time and often goes the extra mile to help me do things for my dog that, due to illness, I am unable to do myself at the moment.

He adores her and nearly wags his tail off when he hears her at the door so I know he has a good time when out with her!

I have no hesitation in recommending Pet Guardians to other pet owners. They need have no fears leaving their beloved pets in their capable care.

Breed: Chocolate Labrador
Owner: Linda Berlandier-Robinson
Name: Hardy

With Hardy being of a big and very very stubborn breed, I felt it would be in his best interest to keep him active and socialised.

Pet Guardians have been wonderful. They socialise him with a range of dogs of all ages and introduce him to more situations, he just adores them.

He gets the highest care and attention from Paul and Helen. I have to admit Hardy is my pride and joy therefore I am very wary about who I get to look after/walk him. They have enabled me to have some peace of mind, I know he is in good hands.

Breed: English Bulldog
Owner: Sabina Bates
Name: Rocky

Helen & Paul have been walking our large bull-breed for the last year and have been excellent.

My partner and I were increasingly working longer hours and so providing our dog with enough exercise was a strain. Along came Helen and Paul and saved the day. Our dog now gets plenty of exercise during the week and I’m certain this has heavily contributed to him becoming the happy dog with a great temperament, he is today.

They have always been very accommodating, working around our schedule and changing times/days at short notice without a problem. I would recommend anyone who needs their dog(s) walked and exercised well, to contact Pet Guardians and arrange a meeting ASAP.

Breed: Mixed Bull Breed
Owner: Stuart Postoj

Name: Pebbles

I am delighted to provide a reference for Paul & Helen (Pet Guardians), who have taken care of my very excitable dog throughout the summer.

We have a seasonal concern so I needed a reliable walker for Pebbles who would be able to fit in with our schedule. Paul & Helen easily stepped into this role, walking Pebbles
sometimes at very short notice yet taking cancellations, due to poor weather, sympathetically.

Pebbles took to them immediately and on days when they were not needed, I know she missed them. They easily adapted to Pebbles’ individual ways.

I have no hesitation in recommending Paul & Helen. They have been completely reliable, honest, flexible and, importantly, Pebbles liked them too!

Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Owner: Beatrix Laine

Name: Eddie

I have been using Pet Guardians dog walking service for nearly 3 years now on a regular basis (several times each week). When I first started looking for a dog walker, I selected Pet Guardians as they opted for a personalised approach to their service and, when making enquiries, seemed approachable and very interested in my pet and what I would require from them.

Throughout this time, Helen & Paul have impressed me with their reliability and flexibility. My work commitments often vary and Pet Guardians have supported this, providing flexibility with the frequency, timings and length of their service, often at short notice.

I have also received several positive comments from neighbours and people in the local community who recognise Helen and Paul and have remarked upon their service. Their support and kind service has been of great value to me.

Breed: Lurcher
Owner: Stephanie Heath
Cat Feeding
Names: Mitzi & Pepsi
Thank you so much for looking after Pepsi and Mitzi so well last week. I am sorry Pepsi was such a pain but thank you for going above and beyond to
rescue him! I hope the experience hasn't put you off looking after them next week as well!
Breed: Moggies
Owner: Caroline Gadd
Name: Mew

Paul and Helen have been looking after my cat
Mew when we go away.

On meeting them both, I could straight away tell their love for animals and my cat instantly took to them both. The service they give is considerate and caring and Mew is always very content when we come home.

My older neighbour could no longer look after my cat and to find a service and not have to worry about Mew when away has been a fantastic.

I would thoroughly recommend Pet Guardians to family, friends and anyone wanting their pet to be looked after as well as you do when at home. I adore my cat but know he is such good hands and will be looked after professionally.

Breed: Moggy
Owner: Debbie Wilson
Name: Lola
Just a note to thank you again for taking such brilliant care of Lola, I always get home to a very happy cat! Thank you.
Breed: Moggy
Owner: Fiona Fox
Name: Tigger & Jess

I have been using the services of Paul & Helen for the past 5 years. They have always been 100% reliable and take excellent care of both my cats and always seem to give that extra little bit of care which means I return home to two contented cats.

They are totally trustworthy and I would recommend them to anyone who needs their pets taken care of whilst they are away.

Breed: 2 Moggies
Owner: Mrs C Coombs

Names: Blackie & GingeBlackie and Ginge

We have used pet guardians numerous times over the past 3 years to babysit our cats when we go away on holiday or business. Paul and Helen are totally reliable and trustworthy and have always been available, they are really flexible and don’t mind if it is short notice, for long periods or for just one or two feeds.

It is completely obvious that they adore animals, often when we come back there is a new toy for the cats to play with, they have even gone out and brought our cats their favourite treats if they have run out (which for one of our cats is Parma ham)!

It is also reassuring to have someone coming into our property on a regular basis whilst we are away as the post is picked up and lights are switched on.

It is really nice not to have to take our cats out of their normal surroundings and send them to a cattery when we go away.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Paul and Helen of Pet Guardians if you love your animals and want someone to look after them like you do.

Breed: 2 Moggies
Owners: Jo & Paul Gibbs

Name: Pushkin

Thank you once again for looking after Pushkin.

Just as last time he didn't turn a hair when we arrived home and was completely laid back and relaxed. So different from the histrionics he treated us too after a stay in the cattery.

We are absolutely delighted that we have found you. We can go away with an easy mind knowing he is happy and being well looked after.

Breed: Russian Blue
Owner: Jane & Graham Jones

Name: Heather (Bubbins)Heather

Thank you so much for looking after Heather while we were away and for stepping in at the last minute for the extra day.

You both obviously did a fantastic job with her as she looked in great condition when we got back, so we can’t thank you enough!

We will definately use you again and would also definately recommend you to others.

Breed: Moggy
Owner: Fiona Mackay
Other/Small Animals

Name: Sam and the Ducks.Ducks

Thank you, what a relief to find people to care for our animals like we do. We can go on holiday and relax knowing that they are well looked after.

Sam our Cat is very happy and relaxed when we come home.

The Ducks have been well looked after too.

Paul and Helen have done an excellent job for us looking after our Cat, Ducks and Home. We whole heartedly recommend them.

Breed/Species: Cat and 3 ducks
Owner: Paul & Sue Godwin
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