We are so delighted with the way this has worked. Pushkin is so calm and happy when we come home - thanks to you.

Jane, Pushkin's Mum


How does it work?

Pet Feeding

We can feed your pets while you are at work, on a day out or while you are on holiday.

Why choose Pet Guardians?

Unlike many other companies, we actually specialise in Pet Feeding rather than just including it as an add-on to the dog walking side of business.

We've always been owned by cats so we specialise in cat care, we love dogs but cats will always be our first passion.

Those businesses that specialise in dog walking/boarding tend to be dog owners themselves and therefore more dog orientated people and not neccessarily in tune with the completely different needs of a cat.

What's included?

Our service also includes changing cat litter, cleaning out cages/enclosures, giving medications, grooming (basic brushing, nothing fancy!) and generally cleaning up after your pet(s) including any hunting trophies that may be left lying around - all for no extra charge!

While we are feeding and watering your pet, we can also bring any mail or deliveries in for you, water your plants, turn lights on/off, put the rubbish out for collection etc.

We can also text or WhatsApp you every couple of days to ease your mind that your pets are fine and being well looked after.

No Additional Charges

We do not charge for mileage to feed you pet.

We do not demand deposits or charge for cancellations.

We do not charge to pick up or drop off keys.

We do not charge extra for evenings/weekends/bank or public holidays except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

Cattery/Kennel vs Care at home

Many cats & dogs do not like being boarded at a kennel or cattery and prefer to stay in their own home - this is the perfect solution for owners who do not want to put their pets through this unneccesary stress but ensure that their pet is well looked after in their own surroundings.

The Introduction Meeting

Before we start looking after you pet, we like to meet the pet(s) and owners to discuss both your and your pet's requirements.

We will come and meet you and your pet(s) at a pre-arranged time so that we can get to know your pet and vice versa. It also gives you a chance to ask us any questions you may have and discuss your pet's requirements.

We also require that you complete a questionnaire which will provide details regarding your pet's health, vaccinations, feeding regime, vet details and your contact information.

You can download a copy of the questionnaire and Client Agreement below to complete before our visit, if you prefer. Both forms must be completed prior to looking after your pet(s).

Download Pet Feeding Questionnaire (Ms Word)

Download the Client Agreement (MS Word)

Download Pet Feeding Questionnaire (Adobe PDF)

Download the Client Agreement (Adobe PDF)

Download the full Terms and Conditions

What happens next?

Once we have finished our introduction and the paperwork, you can go on holiday or go to work knowing that your pet will be fed and watered according to your instructions. We throw in the love for free!

It is important that you read and understand our Terms & Conditions so please read these carefully before contacting us. These are non-negotiable.

For further information, please download the Pet Guardians Portfolio in Adobe Acrobat format.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. You can e-mail us at info@pet-guardians.co.uk or telephone 07963 023593 to discuss your requirements.

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