Meet Ozzie & Ziggy



Ozzie and his Wubba!

Ziggy's watching you!



AKA Little Black Bear, Ozzie Binks, Binky AKA Ziggadoon, Doony, Stripes
Distinguishing Feature(s) Distinguishing Feature(s)
Small white patch on chest. Spotty tummy.
Likes Likes
Food (all!) Treats!
Any dairy products. Lasagne
Being upside down! Magnum Ice Creams!
Chasing my own tail! Being brushed.
Ear washing from Ziggy. Ear washing from Ozzie (no biting!)
Dripping taps. Tummy tickles!
Anything with feathers! Balls of silver foil.
Lots of bubbles! The toilet!?!
Dislikes Dislikes
Ziggy getting any attention. Ozzie hogging all the attention.
Being picked up unless I want to be! Ozzie hogging all the toys/food/treats etc!
Closed doors! Strangers.
Being ignored. The hoover!
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