Thanks very much for taking care of Milo, Blue and Saffie. They seemed very happy and content when we returned, and we were very pleased to find the place so clean!

Fiona, Blue, Saffie & Milo's Mum


Case Studies

In the Case Studies section we detail some of the more challenging issues we've dealt with whilst dog walking or pet feeding.

Choose: Dog or Cat Case Studies.

Case Study 1 - Bad Behaviour
Name: Coco Breed: Chocolate Labrador
Problem(s): Eats poo at any opportunity. He has a very sensitive stomach due to this habit. Coco has to wear a muzzle but he still tries to eat poo using his muzzle to scoop it up. Solution(s): To walk him on an extending lead so that he go where he wants but can be pulled back quickly if needed. He has some freedom but understands that it has limits and if he tries to eat poo, he is pulled away from it straight away.
Case Study 2 - Agressive Behaviour
Name: Angel Breed: German Shepherd Bitch
Problem(s): She doesn't like some other dogs but there appears to be no pattern or specific breed/sex of dog. Will bark and lunge at approaching dogs. Solution(s): Instead of avoiding dogs altogether, which might seem the obvious solution, we talk to her constantly to reassure her when passing another dog and praise her when she does not react to it. If she does react, don't make a fuss, simply say 'No' firmly and walk on. Avoidance only makes her more uptight when she does meet other dogs.
Case Study 3 - Partially Sighted
Name: Thimble Breed: Cairn Terrier
Problem(s): Double cataracts mean she is almost blind. Solution(s): Walk her on a short lead so that she can be guided around obstacles and by talking to her so that she knows where you are and keeping up a running commentary to let her know when she is going up or down a curb or steps. Keeping a constant eye on the terrain and potential obstacles.
Case Study 4 - Lots of Dislikes
Name: Lennie Breed: Airedale Terrier

Problem(s): Lennie has quite a few dislikes which include bicycles, skateboards, scooters, motorbikes, loud cars (Jeeps, 4x4's etc), Posties/Newspaper Girls/Boys, some dogs & some people.

Being a big dog, he can seem very intimidating when he lunges at any of the above and he can be difficult to hold on to.

Solution(s): We have made progress with Lennie by talking to him when we see another dog or person approaching to calm him down and by not getting stressed out about a possible confrontation ourselves.

With approaching cyclists, we make sure that he can see the cyclist before he reaches us by drawing his attention to them. This seems to reassure him and he less likely to react. The same applies to motorcycles and cars but its not always obvious which ones he will react to so its a case of watching him closely for a reaction.

Case Study 5 - Deaf
Name: Bilbo Breed: Border Terrier
Problem(s): He is completely deaf and often wanders off unaware that you're trying to call him back. Solution(s): We keep him on an extending lead so that he can be pulled back if necessary but he's given the full length of the lead so that he can wander off unhindered to sniff around when we are away from roads & other potential threats. When he fancies a bit of a run, we run with him!
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